ARCOmadrid + AD. Tribute to Lilly Reich

Arco Madrid Perspectiva 2Arco Madrid Perspectiva 2

Mola + Winkelmüller Architekten GmbH BDA
Madrid, Spain, 2012
Client: ARCOmadrid + AD
Procedure: International Competition

In 1927 Lilly Reich designed in collaboration with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe the project »Samt und Seide« -Café (»Velvet and Silk Cafe«) for the exhibition „Die Mode der Dame“ („Women's Fashion“).

Reich made a design with opulent decoration, with strips of silk, silver and gold glitter for the Café. The material was used in a way that emphasized continuity and spatial structure. Tissues separate and combine certain areas. On that occasion, strips of black, orange, red, yellow and silk velvet were used.

»Tribute to Lilly Reich« translates the characteristic aspects, using different materials, contemporary materials and light create an ephemeral space that will wrap visitors in space and colour.

Arco Madrid Perspectiva 1Arco Madrid Perspectiva 1

Based on the principle of "pattern", the design is created from a malleable plot or grid. This allows the combination and separation of areas and spaces with different functions and uses.

The curtains modulate the spaces physically and environmentally by filtering the light. The "columns" of light modulate space, from orange-yellow to an ocean of greens and violets. Silver islands of white light appear in the middle of this sea of colours, when leaving them the color effect will be reinforced. The visible spectrum.

Arco Madrid Perspectiva 3Arco Madrid Perspectiva 3